1980 NACRA 18 Square Meter Catamaran Sailboat for sale in Lynden, WA


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Incredible Upgraded customized 1980 NACRA 18 square meter catamaran TRRE0089M80J and Custom “hydraulic special designed tilting trailer” wherein the boat is automatically centered over the trailer while up and down in flat position all done by hydraulic lift ram and swing arm.
I was a Sol Cat, Prindle then NACRA dealer in the Seattle, WA area for Decades, this is my own 18 square catamaran. The boat is in perfect shape no scratches or scuff on the hulls. Combined this 18 Square and trailer may be without a doubt the best in the country. Boat has always been stored inside a climate-controlled building and I have not used the boat for the last 20+ years. Sailing an 18 Square meter is a delight and once you learn the boat and the sail settings the boat really flies. This boat has won numerous regattas. For further information more pictures, or discussions please sent e-mail to btdconsultants@earthlink.net and include your contact information.
I took off the trampoline and had it re-stitched as the threads appeared to need some attention in a few areas. It comes with Two Mainsails and two booms and a host of custom features and modifications, and spot painted areas of the trailer with Gloss White Por-15. Just added front Trailer solid Oak walking platform.
The Boat is 11’ Beam, non-foam sandwich stringer hulls, 18 feet long, weighs approximately 350 lbs. Specs include 30’3” mast, that has been modified for internal halyards and yet is sealed so no water gets in the mast. All fittings have been streamlined and buffed and reinstalled with counter sunk flush rivets on mast. Custom mast head lighter, more streamlined and single lever adjustable diamonds for up wind flatter sail and down-wind fuller sail adjustment. Bottom hull seam removed, filled and custom urethane bottom paint buffed to mirror finish. Slightly shrunk and raised rear of hulls with transoms up 1 ½” to reduce hull drag and faster tacking. Curved Rear traveler around rear maim beam so traveler flows in and out without binding or wear. Like new 316 stainless rigging, adjustable custom anodized aluminum trapeze handles (I invented them) and system, dagger boards and trunks are Nacra 5.8 so boat points higher, has lower center of gravity.
7:1 mainsheet with tapered mainsheet line, 6:1 downhaul. There are two booms, 5/1 internal outhaul on both of the booms, one stock in vertical profile and one custom converted with rear internal stiffener in the horizontal geometry, which is much stronger for out-halting out to the side of hull and main sheeting in for downwind sailing, like an ice boat. The dolphin striker and foot casting were streamlined and re-anodized and mast base was upgraded to the new Nacra style with a locking ball for safer mast stepping, but used the original smaller ball and casting so lighter. Two mainsails by Skip Elliot Dacron. Both are in excellent shape. Tapered foam sandwich battens top to bottom both main sails. Has super long extendable tiller and titanium cross adjustable tiller bar, so stronger and lighter as well.
When I purchased the boat the first thing was raise and reshape the rear of the hulls up 1 ½ inch at the stern which reduced drag and improved tacking. I fully rebuilt the mast streamlining and polishing all the fittings and used countersunk aircraft Monel rivets. Customized mast head and installed custom internal lightweight internal plastic tube for the halyard into internal base outhaul box so all sealed so mast doesn’t take on water if boat turned over with the internal halyard with hook and ring system at the top. Custom spreaders fiberglass foils over the spreader tube (over stock straight through tube). The mast has a quick-change spreader lever that converts the mast to stiff (for fuller sail for downwind) to looser spreaders (for flatter Up Wind sailing), all done with a single lever mounted on the front lower part of the mast that you can change in seconds. Plus, it’s all adjustable for fine tuning.
The trailer is a one on a kind and clearly in my opinion, possibly the best tilt cat trailer ever built. The trailer frame is wide wheel base EZ Loader 18/20-foot Power boat frame for 1500 lb. plus power boats, and uses a full-size axle/wheels and is very strong with low center of gravity. You can actually stand on the fenders. It’s probably four times as strong as most catamaran trailers. The tilting, swing arm and boat frame carriage part I designed, built out and welded the box steel frame that holds the boat ridged with no flexing. That structure tilts up with a hydraulic Ram and a swing arm structure attached to the tilt frame. Boat is cradled with custom fiberglass cradles made specific to the hull shapes. It’s extremely stable for trailering on the highway even in strong cross winds that have plagued other cat tilt trailers. I built three of these trailers and it took a year to design and build the first one. This trailer was the last and best incorporating features not done on the others two. Tilt height to top of upper hull is 13,3 inches slightly under semi-Truck trailers height (commercial semi rigs to a height of 13 feet, 6 inches). So, no need to disassemble the boat just slide onto the trailer and strap down on the cradle anchor points.