2004 NITRO NX 750 SC Fishing boat for sale in Ocala, FL


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Additional Boat Details

Interior layout

Fishing Seats - Front Seat With Extra Heavy Duty Stand, Many Numerous Locked Cabinets, Right Side Console, Couch Layout For Cruising, Built In Ice Chests, Large Divided Live Fish Well / Aerator, Multiple Rod Cabinet, Skid Pads, Windshield, Multiple Gauges and More. Carpets in excellent shape with additional carpet for anything that you may desire.



Electronic Equipment

Hummingbird 787c2 GPS Fishing System and Back up Hummingbird 596c Sonar Fish Finder (Uses same mounted connector)

Electrical System

Independent Outboard Motor Battery 12 Volt (Motor Has Alternator) and Two (2) Batteries 12 Volt For All Other Electrical Appliances (Including 24 Volt Trolling Motor) with built in charger. Trolling motor typically last 2 full days without a charge. Just plug in to extension cord and know whats happening with LED Indicators.

Other Equipment

24 Volt Motor Guide Trolling Motor With Control Center Pedal, Electric Trim On Tracker (Mercury) 90 HP Outboard, 4 Blade Stainless Steel Prop, Custom Made Step Up & Step Down Stairs Mounted to Trailer For Ease Of Boarding / Un-Boarding Without Getting Wet, Multiple Bilge Pumps (Auto). Four Blade Stainless Steel Prop and Back Up Aluminum Custom Prop. Custom Made Stair Way No Skid Steps From Trailer To Boat.



Here she is, all ready for the water… This rig has been pampered like a child! It is a high quality made 2004 edition, which would cost well over $30,000 today without the quality. Yes, may be a little prettier with their sleek plastics, but there are very few real steel fishing rigs made these days. These boats can’t sink they way built.

Many custom made additions such as the step up and step down trailer stairs. No more getting soaked before and after launch. These would easily hold a 300-pound anything. (Especially good for any handicapped passengers). Comfort is the best description and one sweet ride. Have all of your comfort necessities such as multiple rods cabinet. All of the numerous cabinets have locks with the same key. The GPS / Fish Finder is a Hummingbird 787c2 GPS Fishing System which is in excellent condition and when you find those sweet spots, then simply mark it and name it. The next trip will take you there at exactly the same place. Or, purchase the GPS maps of the lake and go where the historical proven big ones are. Good bonus - Back up Hummingbird 596c Sonar 60 degree Dual Beam Fish Finder. This unit fits exactly the same wiring attachment, just snap in and you’re on. Huge divided live well and all the storage cabinets imaginable. Very Clean! Another Bonus is brand new boat and motor covers, in case you need to store outside or just like to keep the dust off.

The 4-blade stainless steel prop will cruise you comfortably and bring you to plane quickly. Not shown, is a hydra planer I took off so you see full view of the prop. Also comes with a custom aluminum back up prop. Everything works perfectly and this boat is not one of those deep dark holes you keep throwing money at. Today, that’s a given with the foreign made lack of quality. Three bilge pumps and a new back up pump just in case. I believe in being prepared!

Why am I selling it? Well, it’s all about being 70 years old and a back that won't allow me to take out on my own like I used to. Breaks my heart, but have to buy something much smaller that I can handle by myself. Love company, but I enjoy that quiet time by myself… So, someone is going to get blessed with one fine rig. Did I mention that it has a galvanized all steel Nitro trailer with a fold around tongue so it will fit in any garage, all 17 ½ feet of her. A lot of room and if you want to take the kids skiing to stay in good graces, she’s able to pull several at one time.

Call Mike - (352) 875-3522.
REDUCED Price - $ 12,000.00 Average Retail For This Excellent Boat is $13,280.00
Email: gemrogers@embarqmail.com