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BoatersNet is owned by a 31 year old US corporation you can trust and we will advertise and market your boat through various search engine sites, online classifieds and social networking sites to maximize exposure to sell boats to potential buyers. These sites include:

sell boats, sell your boat
sell boats, sell your boat

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Some of our competitors claim to offer 'free' ads but after you begin to enter your ad you find out it is only free for a limited time. All of our ads will run until your item is sold.
We will submit your ad to many other online classified sites which will greatly increase the exposure of your ad and eliminate the need for you to post your ad on other sites. We also constantly work to maximize exposure of your ad using various search engine optimization strategies when submitting it to Google, Yahoo, Bing and many other search engines and websites to be included in their search results.
Your ad can include up to 36 pictures of your item. The pictures display as a small version during the initial inquiry and allow the potential buyers to increase the size and page through each picture. Having more quality pictures of your boat will definitely increase your ability to sell it.
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We offer sophisticated ads with many fields available to describe your item and to be used in searches. Some of our competitors dont have many fields available to describe your item and then when a potential buyer wants to search the listings there are no fields for features that might matter to him leaving him to scroll through many pages of ads - a very frustrating experience which tends to drive him to another site. Also our ads have a thumbnail picture on search results but that is a paid option for some of our competitors.
Your ad will be added to our Facebook page (some ads will be sent to multiple pages) and will be sent to other social networking sites. This helps increase the exposure of your ad.
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Your ad will be a featured ad until sold on BoatersNet. This places it at the top of the search results lists when potential buyers perform a search and displays it on the home page for your item type on a revolving basis with the other featured ads.
A video of your boat showing all pictures you have added plus a verbal description of your boat will be created and will be published on the BoatersNet YouTube channel, be added to our Facebook page and will be sent to other social networking sites. This further increases the exposure of your ad.
After you place your ad we will send you the email address and phone number to our personalized support team so you can contact them with questions you might have. The support is available Monday thru Friday 9 - 5 pacific time for the first month only which will give you ample time to finalize your ad. After that time you will still receive support but through our standard support procedures.
The way the pay per click program works is if you have a boat such as a Caliber 40 sailboat for sale, and set up the pay per click ad in Google, and then someone goes into Google and enters a phrase such as 'caliber 40' in their search box, then your Google pay per click ad would display. If they then click on the ad it would take them to your ad in BoatersNet where they could send you an email if they are interested in your boat. Google will charge you each time someone clicks on your ad but you can control how much you will be charged. If you are interested in setting up a pay per click ad in the Google Adwords system we will send you detailed instructions on how to set it up. We will not set up your AdWords account for you, that will be totally between you and Google. But our instructions will step you through creating your account in Google, creating the ad, choosing the keywords and setting the amount you are willing to pay for each click and we will give you advice via phone and email if needed during the one month personalized support period. We have absolutely no access to your Google account and receive no compensation from Google for any charges on your AdWords account. This feature is just another way we assist our users in selling their boat. If you would like more details and a specific example click here.

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