Boating Stories

This page contains links to stories about living on a boat and other boating adventures. Our stories about living on a boat provide you with good information about what it is actually like to live on a boat and what to expect. There is also information on what the different destinations are like along with insights as to how you should prepare to live on a boat and some of the things you should and should not do while cruising and living on a boat.


Living aboard the cruising sailboat Saorsa

Join Bill Rountree and his 12 year old son Robert (and their cat) as they sailed up the east coast of the US and out to the Caribbean aboard their Endeavour 40 sailboat, Saorsa. Bill decided to depart from corporate America and sailed from Pensacola Florida October 2002 returning to the states in April 2004. He home schooled Robert (well Robert home schooled himself) and they stopped every 40 or 50 miles all the way up to Maine having many adventures along the way.

Norwegian Blue sailing the Northwest Passage

Read the story of Norwegian Blue, the first British yacht to sail the Arctic Northwest passage from west to East, skippered by Andrew Wood.

Sailing around the world in an open 19 foot boat.

Here is a great story for those haven't read it about a guy sailing around the world in a 19 foot boat.

Read about Abby Sunderland and her quest to become the worlds youngest circumnavigator.

My name is Abigail "Abby" Sunderland and it is my dream to sail around the world. Iíve been around the water and on boats since I was 6 months old. I began single-handing when I was 13. I had this idea several years ago, even before my brother, Zac Sunderland. But watching him do it in 2009 made me realize my dream could come true with lots of hard work, support and perseverance. In January 2010, I set sail around the world on "Wild Eyes", an Open 40 racing sailboat.

Read about le Hydroptere on her quest to break speed records for sailing

This extraordinary sailing boat can fly over oceans at very high speeds and combines the state of the art techniques of the aeronautical and marine industries.

Alessandro Di Benedetto attempts to circumnavigate single-handed non stop in a 21 foot boat

In case of triumph it would be the first case of a sailing boat smaller than 32 ft accomplishing such a feat (Round World Sailing Records are certificated by WSSRC).

Out of bounds - sailing around the world.

This is the story of the sailboat Out of Bounds and her crew during a 936 day journey around the world that was completed on May 26, 1999.