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Fishing boats For Sale by owner | 2016 Sea Hunt Gamefish 27CB


Used Power boat for sale by owner
Location: Ramrod Key, FL
Remarks: Original Owner Boat. Has Garmin 12" unit with Garmin Autopilot and satellite XM receiver. Bluetooth stereo. Garmin 100 radio. Taco outriggers. Remote search lite. Comes with alumin... (read more)

Fishing boats For Sale by owner | 2015 20 foot Bass Cat Cougar FTD


Used Fishing boat for sale by owner
Location: Tuttle, OK
Remarks: Very clean 2015 Bass Cat Boats Cougar FTD with low hours! This boat has everything you need to be competitive in tournaments, or just have an amazing day of fishing on the weekend... (read more)

Fishing boats For Sale by owner | 1993 25 foot Grady-White Sailfish Sportbridge


Used Power boat for sale by owner
Remarks: 1993/2019 Grady White under 50 hrs. Includes 2018 Venture Tri Axel Trailer. Engines under warranty. Three depth recorders, GPS Chart plotter, Radar, EPIRB, four man ocean life raf... (read more)

Fishing boats For Sale by owner | 2017 20 foot Alumaweld stryker


Used Fishing boat for sale by owner
Location: Forbestown, CA
Remarks: Custom made Alumaweld Stryker with deluxe package. Includes Rogue single axle trailer. Very low use hours and has NO ocean time.

Fishing boats For Sale by owner | 2020 Sun Tracker Fishin' Barge 22 DLX


Used Fishing boat for sale by owner
Location: St Petersburg, FL
Remarks: This beautiful boat has less than 50 hours on the engine and was taken out only a handful of times for pleasure cruising and relaxing days on the water. Unfortunately life happens ... (read more)

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2004 Ranger Reata SV 210 in Lawton, OK

39,750.00 USD

Fishing boats For Sale by owner | 2004 Ranger Reata SV 210


Used Fishing boat for sale by owner
Location: Lawton, OK
Remarks: This is a Fish n Ski Boat with all the extras included. Motor only has 100 hours. Excellent shape with 2 fish finders, ski's, life jackets, tow tube and tyher list goes on.

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2011 Sea Fox 220XT in Cantonment, FL

38,000.00 USD

Fishing boats For Sale by owner | 2011 Sea Fox 220XT


Used Fishing boat for sale by owner
Location: Cantonment, FL
Remarks: This Boat is in Excellent Condition and Very Fast. Too many options to list. Serious inquiries only

Fishing boats For Sale by owner | 1997 27 foot Grady-White Sailfish


Used Power boat for sale by owner
Location: Shinrock, OH
Remarks: 1997 Grady-White Sailfish, this freshwater boat has had 2 owners. Twin 225 HP Yamaha outboard, and an additional 9.9 HP Yamaha trolling outboard. Approximately 460 hours on each mo... (read more)

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2003 Century 2300 WA in Palmetto Bay, FL

35,000.00 USD

Fishing boats For Sale by owner | 2003 Century 2300 WA


Used Fishing boat for sale by owner
Location: Palmetto Bay, FL
Remarks: 2003 Century 2300 WA Yamaha power , hartop, trailer included, walk-thru transome, Garmin, LED deck lights and transom spreader lights, TACO Grand Slam outrigger mounts, bow anchor ... (read more)

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2017 Lund Renagade 1775 in Casnovia, MI

29,900.00 USD

Fishing boats For Sale by owner | 2017 Lund Renagade 1775


Used Fishing boat for sale by owner
Location: Casnovia, MI
Remarks: Ordered new in 2017. Very low hours

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2017 Lund 1675 Crossover XS in Anoka, MN

29,000.00 USD

Fishing boats For Sale by owner | 2017 Lund 1675 Crossover XS


Used Fishing boat for sale by owner
Location: Anoka, MN
Remarks: This 2017 Lund Crossover XS is a hard to find item. Comes with 2 Lowrance Hooks fishfinders, 90hp Mercury 4 stroke with low hours, Minnkota Ipilot trolling motor, on board charger ... (read more)

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2017 Bayliner F21 Element in Sunapee, NH

28,900.00 USD

Fishing boats For Sale by owner | 2017 Bayliner F21 Element


Used Fishing boat for sale by owner
Location: Sunapee, NH
Remarks: 2017 F21 Element, center console fishing boat with all the fixings on a 2018 galvanized tandem trailer w/disc brakes and swing away tongue. 150 HP XL EFI, 4 stroke Mercury. Self ba... (read more)

Fishing boats For Sale by owner | 1987 17 foot MAKO Flats Model


Used Fishing boat for sale by owner
Location: Islamorada, FL
Remarks: 1987 Mako Flats Edition. Meticulously redone. New Deck, New Wiring and much more. No Foam in Boat! 7 coats of Awl Grip. Boat is AWESOME! Call for more information. Located in... (read more)

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2022 Tracker Pro 170 in Lake Charles, LA

23,988.00 USD

Fishing boats For Sale by owner | 2022 Tracker Pro 170


Used Fishing boat for sale by owner
Location: Lake Charles, LA
Remarks: 4 hours on the motor

Fishing boats For Sale by owner | 2008 22 foot Champion Bay boat


Used Fishing boat for sale by owner
Location: Chauvin, LA
Remarks: 2008 Champion 22’ Bay Boat with 2019 200hp Suzuki. Great boat, runs great, 100 hour maintenance on motor every 100 hours. Clean Great for local marsh and bay fishing

Buying a Fishing Boat

Embarking on a fishing adventure requires not only skill and patience but also the right equipment. Naturally the most important piece of equipment would be your fishing tackle, but next in line if you plan to venture off the bank or docks would certainly be the fishing boat, an essential component that can make or break the experience when you are out on the water. The thrill of navigating waters, whether tranquil or turbulent, in pursuit of that elusive catch, can often be one of the highlights of the fishing trip. However, the success of such an endeavor greatly depends on the boat you select. In this article, we delve into the nuances of selecting the perfect fishing boat, ensuring your trip is both fruitful and memorable.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Fishing Boat

Selecting a fishing boat is a decision that should not be taken lightly. The right choice extends beyond simply choosing a boat; it is about finding a vessel that aligns with your fishing aspirations, lifestyle, and the fishing waters you wish to explore. A well-chosen boat becomes an extension of the angler's intent, seamlessly facilitating the journey toward catching your fish.

Different fishing locations, from typically calm and protected inland lakes to the unpredictable open sea, demand specific features and capabilities from a boat. Moreover, the type of fishing you intend to engage in, be it fly fishing, trolling, or deep-sea fishing, dictates which boat would be the most suitable. Choosing the right boat is also a matter of safety. The different waters you may venture out on, as much as they are avenues for exploration and excitement, can be unpredictable and sometimes dangerous. The appropriate boat can provide stability, reliability, and protection against the elements, ensuring that your fishing excursions are not only successful but also safe.

Types of Fishing Boats

The world of fishing boats is diverse and is always expanding with a variety of designs, each tailored to specific fishing needs and environments. Understanding the different types of fishing boats is crucial in making an informed decision.

Bass boats are a popular choice for freshwater anglers. Designed for bass fishing in inland waters, these boats are known for their low profile and high speed, making them ideal for navigating the shallow waters of lakes and rivers.

Offshore fishing boats , on the other hand, are built for the rigors of deep-sea fishing. These vessels come equipped with hulls that are formed for rougher water as well as being robust enough to withstand rough ocean waves, and often feature cabins for extended trips.

Flats boats For those who prefer the tranquility of fly fishing, flats boats are an excellent choice. These boats are designed to navigate shallow waters quietly, allowing anglers to approach fish without startling them.

Each type of fishing boat has its unique set of features and capabilities, tailored to specific fishing activities and environments. Understanding these distinctions and zeroing in on the type of fishing you plan to do most often is essential in choosing a boat that aligns with your fishing goals.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Fishing Boat

When it comes to selecting a fishing boat, several factors come into play. The size of the boat is a crucial consideration, as it affects both capacity and maneuverability. A larger boat may offer more space and stability, but it can also be more challenging to navigate in tight spots and of course will come with a heftier price tag.

The type of water you plan to fish in is the primary factor that influences your choice. Boats designed for calm inland waters may not fare well in the open sea, where larger, more robust vessels are usually required. You may plan on only venturing out when the weather is calm but all too often people stick with a schedule and find themselves out in rough water that they were not anticipating so be sure your boat is up to the demands that it may be facing.

Additionally, the features and amenities of the boat must align with your fishing needs. Storage for fishing gear, live wells for bait, and rod holders are just a few of the essentials that can enhance your fishing experience but naturally the gear that you need can vary depending on the type of fishing you plan on doing.

And of course, the budget you have for your boat is always an important consideration. If this is your first fishing boat, you would be wise to start with a used boat that is smaller and less costly to purchase and operate. All too often people buy a boat on impulse, that is more than they really need, and the boat ends up being stored and not used. And it is way easier to buy a boat than sell a boat. Make sure you buy the boat at a good price!

Researching and Comparing Fishing Boats

When searching for your perfect fishing boat, research is your most valuable tool. The internet offers a wealth of information, from manufacturer websites and forums to reviews and comparison articles. Engaging with the fishing community, both online and with your friends that are avid anglers, can also provide insights and recommendations based on their firsthand experiences.

When looking for fishing boats for sale, you need to look beyond the surface and dig into the specifications, capabilities, and features of each option and each boat. Consider how each boat aligns with your specific needs, preferences, and fishing goals. Another good option which is often fun to do with family and friends is to go to boat shows where you will have the opportunity to see many different boats up close, ask questions, and talk to others that are shopping for a boat to gather more information. These experiences can be invaluable in making an informed decision.

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