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Small boats For Sale in California by owner | 2018 Yamaha LF200LCA


Used Small boat for sale by owner
Location: Del Mar, CA
Remarks: This motor has always received all the Regular Scheduled maintenance. Super Clean, great running motor. Paint and Decals are in excellent condition. There are currently 208 hours ... (read more)

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Boating in California

Are you searching for the hottest boats on California's waterways? Look no further than BoatersNet, your premier online marketplace for browsing top-quality boats for sale across the Golden State. As the platform with the most extensive selection of vessels from renowned makes and models, we're your direct connection to boating paradise. Speed over now to kickstart your search from hundreds of private listings - everything from luxurious yachts for sale in California on our affiliate company YachtsFSBO, to sporty ski boats could be waiting for you to discover. Let the adventure begin!

What Boat Models Does BoatersNet Have For Sale?

We proudly represent a wide selection of power and sailboat models from top manufacturers. Our inventory includes motor yachts, ski/wakeboard boats, fishing boats, pontoons, and more—there are too many great options to list here!

Some of the most popular brands we often have on hand include Malibu, Sea Ray, Tige, and Vantare avanti for powerboats. Jeanneau tends to be well-represented for sailboats. We also keep a variety of models from respected makers like Alumaweld for anglers.

Visit our website to browse what's in stock. You can easily browse through our listings to determine which models best suit your needs and budget. Don't see what you want? We're constantly getting new boats, too.


1. Does California Have Existing Boating Laws and Regulations?

Yes, California has an extensive set of existing boating laws and regulations that all vessel operators must follow when out on the waterways. Maintaining safety and protecting the environment are top priorities for the state regarding recreational boating.

Some of Californias critical boating laws and regulations include:

  • Registration requirements - Most California watercraft must be appropriately registered with the Department of Motor Vehicles and display valid registration stickers.
  • Lifejacket usage—Children under 13 are required to wear a lifejacket at all times, and properly fitting life jackets must be available for every person on board.
  • Speed limits - Specific limits apply on inland lakes and rivers (typically 5-10 mph) for safety and noise reasons. Oceans have no limits, but wake/speed must be controlled.
  • Alcohol restrictions—In accordance with driving laws, it is illegal to operate a vessel with a BAC of 0.08 or higher.
  • Pollution laws - Dumping trash, sewage, oil or other contaminants overboard is prohibited. Pumpouts must be used for depositing waste.
  • Navigation rules - There are lighting, documentation, habitat protection zones and more requirements.

Boaters must familiarize themselves with California's complete regulations to ensure compliance and safety for all vessels and waterway users. Strict enforcement aims to keep this famous boating state enjoyable for all.

2. What are the Expenses of Maintaining A boat?

One crucial factor to consider when taking on a new boating adventure is the ongoing costs associated with vessel maintenance and care. As with any sizable purchase, it's wise to go into ownership with a realistic sense of long-term financial responsibilities.

Generally, annual maintenance expenditures will range from 5-10% of your watercraft's total value. Some everyday items addressed include:

  • Routine tune-ups and component replacement/repair are essential to catch minor issues before they become more significant problems.
  • Hull cleaning and preserving treatments to protect against environmental damage.
  • Interior material repairs or replacements like cushions and fabric wear items.
  • Winter storage or laying up expenses if applicable to your location and set-up.
  • Insurance is required for your area and individual needs.

Additional usage costs like fuel and facility docking/launching fees also factor into ownership. Taking proactive care and following manufacturer guidelines extends usable lifespan and retains resale value. Speaking with experienced owners of similar vessel types offers helpful budgeting guidance, too.

3. How Do I Winterize My Boat?

As the weather cools, it's crucial to winterize your vessel correctly. Whether a powerboat, sailboat or other watercraft, follow these key steps:

  • Thoroughly clean and polish the exterior to remove corrosive materials.
  • Replace engine fluids like fuel, oil and transmission fluid. Add stabilizer to any remaining fuel.
  • Protect the battery by removal or use of a trickle charger during storage.
  • Seal the boat from moisture using shrink wrap or tarps if stored outside.
  • Pump out holding tanks and add antifreeze to drain all water systems.
  • Spray fogging oil into the engine and crank it over to prevent corrosion.
  • Inspect any shrink wrap or enclosure periodically and repair any tears.

If your Malibu, Four Winns, or other manufacturers boat is adequately cared for, it will be safeguarded from winter's effects until the next season on the water. These simple steps go a long way toward protecting your valuable vessel.

4. What features make the 1995 Fountain CS 24 ideal for boating in S Lake Tahoe, CA?

For exploring beautiful Lake Tahoe, the 1995 Fountain CS 24 makes an excellent option among used boats for sale in California. At 24 feet, it provides ample room for passengers yet maneuvers nimbly through the lake's coves.

Its twin 300hp engines ensure exciting performance with quick planning and top speeds. But the Fountain name is also synonymous with sturdy builds that withstand choppy offshore conditions, essential for Tahoe's occasional windswept afternoons. Volvo sterndrives add to the reliable handling.

Features like built-in rod holders, outriggers and a spacious swim platform make this boat a joy for fishing and watersports. When it's time to relax, its roomy cockpit offers comfortable seating with scenic lake views.

5. What sets the 2022 21-foot SeaDoo Switch Sport apart from other boat models?

The 2022 SeaDoo Switch Sport pontoon boat stands out as a versatile choice for boats for sale in California. At its core, the Switch functions as a traditional 21-foot pontoon, but with the flip of its configuration, it can instantly transform into three Waverunner-style watercraft.

This dual capability means owners experience the best of both worlds in one vessel. Beyond its versatility, the Switch also surprises with impressive acceleration from its powerful 230hp engine. Despite its sizable pontoon size, it leaps onto planes rapidly and zips across the water with speeds that rival those of much smaller watercraft.

Moreover, its exemplary maneuverability stems from features like its shallow draft and SeaDoo's renowned responsive steering. These capabilities, customization options, low maintenance requirements and modern tech amenities make the 2022 Switch Sport a truly unique two-in-one boat.